Curiosities about Beethoven

He was born in Bonn, Germany. His childhood was  disorganized and he suffered various diseases, which did not stop him. At 8 he offered his first concert in Cologne and traveled to Vienna to play for Mozart, his  idol.

Before composing  submerged his head in cold water in order to be inspired musically.
At 22 he starts feeling the first signs of deafness. 

His great love was Juliet Guicciardi, Countess of just 16, who was his student and to which he dedicated the sonata “Moonlight”.

The Nazis used the the 5th. Symphony in the Second World War as a form of code transmissions. His first musical notes Morse code equivalent to the letter “V” for victory.


Beethoven used to walk down the street with old clothes and crazy hair, and screaming melodies that he could not hear.

At the premiere of the 9th. Symphony, Beethoven was totally deaf.

It was also a lover of nature to the point that his phrase became well known: “I prefer a thousand times trees that anyone“.  The Pastoral (6th. Symphony) masterfully translates nature through the sounds of the orchestra.


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