Some curiosities about Mozart

1- With only 3 years he played the piano with incredible ease, learning entire works by ear.
2- He made his first concert at 5. And he did it with such a complex piece or a professional piano player could run better.
3- Having reached the age of 8 he was already a prestigious concert known throughout Europe. All the kings fell surrendered to its art and genius. It was at this age also when he composed his first symphony.

4- Mozart used to say he had an instrument that hated above all the flute. Whenever I had to compose a work with this instrument, was commissioned. According to him only one thing could be worse than a pipe, “two flutes”.

flauta barroca
5- Mozart was ill: Tourette Syndrome. It is a nerve disorder that causes nervousness and unexpected reactions are unable to control themselves and behave properly in society. Often laugh loudly for no reason and the wrong time, can not be repressed. It is known that Mozart used vulgar language and insults numerous testimonies that are still preserved in many of his letters guarded in museums.

6- Mozart was a Mason. He had a special attachment to the number 3. The Magic Flute, eg 3 major chords appear in the overture and 3 children, 3 fairies, 3 magical instruments, 3 tests and 3 temples. ¿Obsession? no, Masonry.

7- He wrote  621 works meticulously happened paper without any correction or stud. Today it has been calculated that if copied them, we would occupy 10 hours a day for 25 years. Something simply amazing being that Mozart lived only 35 years.

8-  Despite being an exceptional genius, Mozart died at 35  without any money, to the extent that he was buried in a mass grave with dozens of bodies, without any identification. Today a skull discovered in 2002 that is attributed to him, but it remains uncertain.

10- Various psychological studies on prenatal and early stimulation, tell us that the harmonious music of Mozart is incredibly beneficial to the developing fetus.


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