Zarzuela III. ‘Música clásica’, by Ruperto Chapí

Released in Madrid’s Teatro de la Comedia, the September 20, 1880. Although the original zarzuela is a parody of classical music to folk or popular music, it focuses on the didactic and has positively the study and enjoyment of music, especially classical.

musica clasica ruperto chapi

Main characters:

PACA. Hija de Tadeo, cantaora. Mezzosoprano
CUCUFATE. Falso compositor enamorado de Paca Barítono cómico
TADEO. Padre de Paca, cantante de capilla. Bajo cómico


Tadeo loves classical music and tries his daughter Paca to study music theory in order to ascend socially in music. He has even chosen a husband for her, a musician who plays the bass drum in an orchestra. But Paca, bright, modern young, has no interest in percussionist and prefers to devote himself to flamenco singing and dancing.
One day,  Cucufate, Paca’s exboyfriend, appeared hungry in her house. His song presentation “I am a poor loss” was originally performed with forced nasal voice, accompanied by sighs and yawns, satirizing the style of opera buffa.

Taking advantage of the absence of his father, Paca feeds him and Cucufate, in return, promises her to solve the problem with her father, Some time later,  Cucufate comes back pretending to be a famous composer, but has not yet released anything, he is looking for voices for their work supreme. To conquer Paca father sings praises to classical composers:

Yo soy un joven músico
que adora con furor, sí señor,
los genios de lo clásico:
Beethoven, Mozart, Gluck, Haydn
Rossini, Mendelssohn y Berlioz (…)

Of course, the false musician offers a role to Paca, and ask Tadeo for the hand of his daughter. Young people end up engaged and celebrating singing a duet a song of joy,
while the father repeated his gloomy religious chant.

Happy ending, therefore, with Paca, Cucufate and Tadeo united and convinced that his son is a musical genius.

Ruperto Chapí.

Guía Didáctica Zarzuela


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