What is ‘Blues’?

The blues is a kind of song that emerged among the black population of the United States. It took shape in the late XIXth century and developed in the early XXth century.

The roots of blues are the work songs and spiritual songs.

Short intro in english:

Short intro in spanish:

It arose from the same mixture of African and European ideas that had led to the Despite having a rural origin, he immediately moved to the cities.


 Unlike the spirituals, which are conceived as music for the community, Blues is a more personal and intimate genre.

The letters refer to feelings, fears and hopes of their interpreters.


Kind hearted woman blues
Robert Johnson

I got a kind hearted woman
do anything in this world for me
I got a kind hearted woman
do anything in this world for me
but these evil-hearted women
man, they will not let me be
I love my baby
my baby don’t love me
I love my baby, oooh
my baby don’t love me
But I really love that woman
can’t stand to leave her be

The first blues presented an austere interpretation, generally composed of a voice over the accompaniment of guitar, banjo or piano. They usually have a freer slow tempo and rhythmic structure. The melodies are built in imitation of declamation of the text. The singer who often spoke half and half singing.

Guitarists used to wear a bottleneck or “slide” a tube that is placed on one of the fingers of the left hand and then slips through the ropes up and down while these are plucked with the right hand.

One of the main contributions of blues was its harmonic structure. The old blues commonly used form of 12 bars are structured in three phrases of four bars each.


Listen to the interpretation of Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton, St. Louis Blues, and observe the structure.

Here, one of the most famous blues songs, ‘Hoochie Coochie man’by Muddy Waters, performed in the movie Cadillac Records:



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