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Surprise Symphony by Haydn: our version

The symphony is the new and most popular instrumental form appeared during the Classicism. Haydn, known as the ‘string quartet father’, wrote 106 symphonies. Most of them have titles like ‘Militar’, ‘Reloj, ‘Londres’… His music his characterized by simple and … Seguir leyendo

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Classicism: the simplicity of the melody

Against to the baroque, ornamental and exaggerated, Classicism opposes balance, proportion, grace and elegance of a cold and simple academicism where at any time the artist’s personality, are subjected to a rigidformal scheme.

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Classicism Auditions ♪ Blubbr test ♪

Play this Blubbr test about the Classicism, It will help you with the auditions for this unit.

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Test Educaplay: Classicism

 Read the posts about Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven and the unit about the Classicism in your book. Then try this test. Let me know your scores and..have fun!

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Some curiosities about Haydn

He had a great sense of humor, evident in his love of jokes that often appear in his music, and had many friends. Like Mozart, Haydn was also a mason. It was short, was not handsome, and like many others … Seguir leyendo

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