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‘Tres morillas m’enamoran en Jaén’

La larga convivencia peninsular de judíos, moros y cristianos propició los encuentros eróticos, venales o no, entre los hombres y las mujeres de las tres religiones. Desde el punto de vista cristiano, el irresistible atractivo de la mujer semítica era … Seguir leyendo

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Martín Codax: ‘Cantigas damigo’

Martín Codax was a galician medieval joglar possibly from Vigo in present day Spain. He may have been active during the middle of the thirteenth century. He is one of only two out of a total of 88 authors of cantigas … Seguir leyendo

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How music works: the harmony (H. Goodall) + activity

This is a good starting activity for 3º ESO. The video talks about the harmony, and tell us how it appears in the western music. This chapter lasts 50 minutes, we can use two sessions to work on it. ♪ Background needed: … Seguir leyendo

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Origins of the musical notation

How did the musical symbols appear? In the Middle Ages these symbols were only small lines on the text of the gregorian chants. The origins of our musical notation:

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Dies Irae

Here you have play back to play the Dies Irae with the flute. Thanks to Maria Jesús Camino.

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Tests on Classical Music Periods

I challenge you to do these tests WITHOUT the book 😉 The team with the best score will get an extra point in the last exam. Have fun! (Click on) Middle Ages Quiz Renaissance Quiz Baroque Quiz Classical Period Quiz … Seguir leyendo

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Early instruments activity para grupos de aprendizaje cooperativo

Viola da gamba, lute (laúd), clavicordio, sacabuche, chirimía… were the predecessors of modern instruments. This playlist can be played as a background while doing this activity. The activity is set in the Renaissance lesson, ad is thought to be developed in … Seguir leyendo

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