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‘El pulso de la calle’

Documental sobre la historia del Rap en español.

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A young and talented drummer attending a prestigious music academy finds himself under the wing of the most respected professor at the school, one who does not hold back on abuse towards his students. The two form an odd relationship … Seguir leyendo

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Rock & Roll High School (1979)

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‘Eroica’ (2003 BBC film) with spanish subtitles

The film is set in Vienna on June 9, 1804, the date of the private, first performance of Beethoven’s third symphony, later to be known as the ‘Eroica’, and dedicated (at first) to Napoleon Bonaparte.  Joseph Haydn, now old, arrives … Seguir leyendo

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‘Great balls of fire’ (1989)

The life and career of the wildly controversial rock ‘n’ roll star, Jerry Lee Lewis.

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‘Amadeus’ (1984)

Fantastic film about Mozart’s life.

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