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‘Das Klinget so herrlich’. Score for xylophones and recorders (partitura)

Click here to download the complete score: Das_Klinget_Alicia_Magdalena_Cuesta

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Beethoven’s and Mozart’s remixes by 3º ESO B

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‘Requiem in D minor’ by Mozart

A ‘Requiem’ is a mass for a dead person.  Composers wrote a lot of music to be played in masses, including this type. The lyrics are religious and part of the liturgy (secuencia, ofertorio, comunión). Mozart didn’t complete his Requiem … Seguir leyendo

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Mozart’s operas

Mozart’s  most famous operas are Le nozze de Figaro (Las bodas de Fígaro), Don Giovanni (Don Juan) and Die Zauberflöte (La flauta mágica), premiered just months before Mozart’s death. The overture is an instrumental part to introduce the opera. The aria … Seguir leyendo

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Classicism: the simplicity of the melody

Against to the baroque, ornamental and exaggerated, Classicism opposes balance, proportion, grace and elegance of a cold and simple academicism where at any time the artist’s personality, are subjected to a rigidformal scheme.

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La hora de Jose Mota: Mozart

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Mozart and his fantastic sense of humor

Everyone knows the joker character of Wolfgang, the genius of Salzburg. The film Amadeus reflects him with a silly and shrill laughter. His personal correspondence is full of scatological jokes. But all that does not conflict with a way of composing … Seguir leyendo

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