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Musical meter (2ºESO)

Can you guess the meter of these songs? binary? ternary? quaternary?

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Urban Music Playlist (3ºESO)

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Early instruments activity para grupos de aprendizaje cooperativo

Viola da gamba, lute (laúd), clavicordio, sacabuche, chirimía… were the predecessors of modern instruments. This playlist can be played as a background while doing this activity. The activity is set in the Renaissance lesson, ad is thought to be developed in … Seguir leyendo

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Romanticism II: Power point & auditions

Power Point (links to videos) Playlist

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‘Ay Linda Amiga’, anonymous villancico from the Renaissance

The students from 3º CD are playing this villancico. In the XVIth century, a villancico was a typical spanish type of song, polyphonic and played by voices and instruments. The lyrics were written in a cultivated spanish and were non … Seguir leyendo

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Sephardic Music

In 3rd course we are studying the Middle Ages. Apart from the Gregorian Chant and the trobadours there is a very special music that flourished in the Iberian paninsula: the Sephardic Music, which have been recovered thanks to musicians like … Seguir leyendo

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3º ESO Playlist

…and the same for 3º ESO students, a playlist on Spotify with all the music we have used to explain the binary and ternary forms, the concerto, the sonata…and other pieces from the spanish tradition and the popular music, including … Seguir leyendo

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