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Practical activity: stepping as quarter, half and whole notes

This is a good activity for the first day in the music room. ♪ Background needed: We should explain the difference between beat and rhythm. We must talk about the beat on the nature, our heart, the night and day, … Seguir leyendo

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Body percussion in 2 lines/2 voices!♪

This activity is thought to be developed in the 2nd or 3rd evaluation: ♪ Background needed: basic body percussion sounds, basic coordination ♪ Contents: 4/4 meter, beat, rhythm, variation, coordination/dissociation, gross motor skills, timbre…   ♪ Two or three sessions are needed … Seguir leyendo

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Create your own body percussion (or stepping) pattern!

Choose the sound you want (stomping the feet, clicking the fingers…) and drag it on the loop line. Have fun and share you creations please!

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