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Elements of Music


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Base para improvisar/ Musical base for improvising

Good morning! I’ve just composed these to bases on the chords Am, F, C, G. Use the notes realated to every chord to improse over. You can also comopose melodies on Garage Band and play them over. I hope you … Seguir leyendo

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How music works: the harmony (H. Goodall) + activity

This is a good starting activity for 3º ESO. The video talks about the harmony, and tell us how it appears in the western music. This chapter lasts 50 minutes, we can use two sessions to work on it. ♪ Background needed: … Seguir leyendo

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Musescore homework for 2º ESO

You’ll have to do an exercise in Musescore (click here to download free) similar to the one we did last week.  If you don’ remember how to do something, you just have to write it in Google, for example: cómo … Seguir leyendo

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Musescore works by 2º ESO A

Songs created by 2º ESO students with Musescore. The chosen instruments are: bass drum, piano and soprano recorder. There is a given rhythmic pattern: and an harmonic base (C,G,A,F): They have invented the melodic line for the recorder. Listen to them … Seguir leyendo

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A chord is any set of three or more notes that is heard simultaneosly. The most frequently encountered chords are triads (3 notes).  Chords are classed by their root note: the chord C is built upon the note C.   The most commonly used … Seguir leyendo

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Melody vs. Harmony

We all know this melody, we can try to sing it ‘a capella’: But if we add some chords with the guitar or the piano: I’m sure it will sound much better: The ‘harmony’ (armonía) is the art that studies the … Seguir leyendo

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