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New Orff arrangement: Game of thrones! Nuevo arreglo: Juego de tronos!

Hope you like it! Share your experiencies please 🙂  The rhythm on the recorders has been changed a little bit in order to match the level of the students. Como veréis, he cambiado un poco el ritmo en las flautas porque el cambio … Seguir leyendo

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‘Creating music’ II ♪

This activity is thought to be developed at the end of the course. ♪ Background needed: notes on the recorder, rumba and rock rhythms on the cajón, basic musical coordination. ♪ Contents worked: 4/4 meter, beat, rhythm, melody, chords, structure, variation, ♪ Skills developed: … Seguir leyendo

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‘Das Klinget so herrlich’. Score for xylophones and recorders (partitura)

Click here to download the complete score: Das_Klinget_Alicia_Magdalena_Cuesta

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