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‘Spanish ladies’, our version

Our version of  “Spanish Ladies“, a traditional British naval song, describing a voyage from Spain to the Downs from the viewpoint of ratings of the Royal Navy. I used Garage Band to edit the song and add instruments. Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish ladies,  Farewell and … Seguir leyendo

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Seguidillas sevillanas

A ‘Sevillana’ is a typical dance and singing from Andalusia. Nowadays is danced in ‘ferias’ and ‘romerías’, before was usually danced inside the ‘corralas’ or courtyards. It originated before the time of the Catholic Monarchs , in compositions that were known as “Seguidillas … Seguir leyendo

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El milagro de Candeal

We have previously discussed the phenomenon of children’s orchestras in Venezuela. The music serves to remove children from the streets. We have also known the ‘batucada‘, typical of the Brazilian carnival and very present today in Europe. Well, Carlinhos Brown … Seguir leyendo

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Music from the World

Instruments from China, India, Africa and Japan, thanks to Fátima Delgado

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